Silk Painting Class
Silk Painting Class


Here are different classes you can join at any time during the year, in my house in Sandnes.
In all classes you have access to designs, books, ideas and I will guide or support you in order to realize your "silk dream".
We may arrange together time and day that is suitable for you. Please contact me.
You don't need any artistic experience to join this creative and fun class.
Participants: up to 8 people.
I suggest to bring a friend and enjoy the class together. This class is a very good idea as a Birthday present for a friend, for a "crafty" person that likes to learn a new technique or simply have fun and relax. .
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 300nok per person, includes all you need to realize your piece of handpainted silk.
What you learn: Drawing lines with gutta we divide the silk in 6 squares in each of them you will try a different technique. How to transfer a design onto the silk, drawing with gutta ( Gutta/Serti Technique) and paint using brushes with iron fix silk paints, blending and shading the paints (Wet on wet technique), use of salt (Salt technique)
Fixing the painted silk. At the end you have your handpainted piece of silk that you may use for different purposes: making cards, scrapbooking, frame etc.

Participants: up to 8 people.
Duration: 3 hours.
Cost: 300nok per person, includes all you need to realize your piece of handpainted silk and cards.
You will paint a piece ( cm33x45) of silk Ponge' 9, freely, using all techniques you learned in "Introduction to Silk Painting" class.
After fixing the paint, you use a bit of the silk to make 2 greeting cards. If you like to make more cards, then consider an additional cost of 10 nok for each (card and envelope).

Participants: up to 4 people.
Duration: 4 hours, usually from 10.30 to 14.30, there is a break for lunch, bring whatever you like, I provide coffeee/tea and biscuits.
Cost: 400 nok per person, includes all you need to realize your silk handpainted scarf.
You paint a Chiffon or Ponge' silk scarf (40x150 or 45x180) stretching it on a frame, using brushes, iron-fix silk paints of your choice with wet on wet technique, salt and gutta for details.
At the end you have a beautiful, unique silk scarf, handpainted by you, a pleasure to wear yourself or to give... what a personal original present for Christmas or Birthdays!

If you have some experience of silk painting. Steam-fix dyes, wax, alcohol, sugar etc.
Participants: up to 4 people.
Cost: 400nok per person, including material, coffee/tea and biscuits, 4hours.
If the project requires more time to be completed consider 100nok/hour to add.

Participants: up to 6 children
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 200 nok per child, all material included. Children can use freely the techniques they learn on a piece of silk 33x45cm and paint a silk sun catcher.

Student work
Student work