Silk Painting with 5th Graders at International School of Stavanger, Norway.

Article text
Ms. Zsuzsi Kallenberg, Art teacher at the International School of Stavanger, invited me to introduce Silk Painting to the 5th grade students.

On 3rd January 2012

After a short introduction and a video about silk ( silkworm, China first producer, sericulture diffusion to East and Europe, Silk Road, different techniques to add colour on silk) I showed some silk painting techniques.

The students chose a wire framed silk (square, exagon or circle) and were incouraged to try the different techniques:

-paint on dry silk, obtaining an intense colour with a dark edge.

-paint on wet silk, obtaining a less intense colour with a soft edge.

-varying intensity using water.

-blending colours with a gradual passage from blue to yellow (green), from blue to red (purple) and from yellow to red (orange).

-salt effects on silk, when the paint is still wet.