About me

I come from Genova, Italy, the town of Cristoforo Colombo. A harbour in the region of Focaccia and Pesto, full of natural beauty, the sea, the exotic gardens of the ancient villas and more. There I lived half of my life and I got a degree in Architecture.

I always wished to live abroad and meet people from different countries and cultures. I am glad that I can, it is an endless enrichment. In Stavanger area, where I live now, because of the Oil industry and Nato, there is a lively international community, people come and go. Sometimes come back and stay...like me.

Apart from some years in Milano, I’ve lived always by the sea in Genova, in Tripoli (Libya) and now in Sandnes (Norway) and it is by the sea that I like to spend my vacations. Obsession? I like flowers too.

Water enchants me in many ways with its transparency and flowing, the movements and colours of the different seas, a dimension of beauty and peace where to find rest.

Watercolour has been always my passion until I met the silk artist Paola Giuntini from Florence (see link and try to see her as well, she is unique). With Paola I painted for two years. She introduced me to the magic world of silk. Thanks.

On silk I express many things I love: transparency, flowing, colours, light, peace. The process of silk painting in itself is a therapy, you should try it.
I like wearing silk scarves, it was natural to start painting them. Each of them is a single piece of art all alike.

Now I think you are ready to come and paint with me or wrap yourself in an emotion wearing one of my scarves!